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Cob pizza oven

Cob Pizza Barn

This is a home experimental project using different natural building and recycling techniques.  The objective was to build an outdoor kitchen using reclaimed or recycled materials where possible.  The base is formed from left over bricks and the walls are formed from cob.  The clay was hand excavated on site and mixed with straw and sand to form the cob, which was mixed by foot and built up in layers. 

The oven is built onto a sand former with two layers of clay and sand mixture with an insulating cob layer in between.  The chimney was a reclaimed steel tube and set at a height to match the Fibonacci Ratio to maximise the draw of air into through the oven.  The walls and oven are protected with a thin lime render and limewashed. 

The roof is supported by reclaimed oak and pine trusses and purlins all connected using traditional mortice and tendon joints pinned with oak rods.  The roof covering and capping are cut from recycled agricultural sheets and they form a waterproof protection at the top of the chimney.

The kitchen work surface is formed from recycled pine boards and sanded level and waxed.  Altogether a very rewarding project to learn how natural building and traditional techniques can lead to immense satisfaction and a beautiful and very practical result.

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